Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bumblebee status update

Bumblebee’s case manager called recently to say that the state-required 3-year evaluation would be due this year, but “he spoke with the school, things are going well, and they all agree that they don’t need an evaluation on Bumblebee.” I called back and said that we don’t think things are going well and we would evaluations in several areas.


Bumblebee’s grades in his four main subjects are C’s and D’s, and even those classes are watered down not as challenging as mainstream courses. We would like an Academic Evaluation of his strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement. For example, should we be working more on Basic Skills, functional academics, and life skills?


Bumblebee’s handwriting is very poor. We are not concerned whether his handwriting is print or script, but it should be functional and legible.
Bumblebee spends much of each day in repetitive self-stimming activities (clapping, leg jiggling, echoing, singing, shouting out, etc.). Bumblebee’s Developmental Pediatrician has suggested that Bumblebee would benefit from a sensory diet. What kinds of things can we do at home and at school to calm him down?


Bumblebee’s speech is still hard to understand, and he still doesn’t understand many of the pragmatics of speech. Unfortunately, Bumblebee’s speech deteriorates quickly when he is frustrated, just when we need to understand him the most. We would like a Speech Evaluation with suggestions and exercises for improvement.


Bumblebee is easily frustrated, and his frustration quickly escalates to violence. Bumblebee has broken many things at home, including punching holes in walls. We would like an Emotional Evaluation with suggestions and techniques for improvement.


Bumblebee is so far behind his age peers that he can not make friends. His age peers do not return his phone calls, and younger friends are now outgrowing him. We would like a Social Evaluation of his strengths and weaknesses with suggestions and techniques for improvement.


Do we need an IQ Evaluation to help plan his future?
What is available to Bumblebee at his school, or otherwise, post-12th grade?

Stay tuned.
Love, the Mominator

Friday, April 6, 2012


A few weeks ago, Parish Council Woman asked us if Bumblebee could be an Apostle for Holy Thursday’s Washing of the Feet. I reminded her that Bumblebee has autism. She said that she knows that, and she was trying to get more diversity in our Apostles. Oh, and she forgot to mention that she would like Gadget Guy to be with him as another Apostle. She’s seen how well Gadget Guy gets Bumblebee.

We were extremely nervous very honored.

In the meantime, the Sacristan asked us if Pink Ballerina could be an Altar Server. I asked if he wanted Princess Imagination as well. He said no, he was recruiting senior servers only because Princess Imagination is really too small to be holding the heavy books or heavy candles for that length of time.  I also asked the Sacristan if he could warn remind tell every one who would be working with the Apostles that Bumblebee has autism. I gave him a few hints: Bumblebee works best with simple directions, no figures of speech, no rushing.

Thursday came. Bumblebee was having a tough day (maybe because school was on a half schedule?).  We had him take an early shower, and we had an early dinner. Gadget Guy took Bumblebee over to the church early. They had some guy time together while waiting.

The procession began. Bumblebee and Gadget Guy got separated by a pew. The prayers began. Bumblebee got fidgety. A lady Apostle worked with him. The readings began. Bumblebee got more fidgety. The other Apostles helped, some room was made, and Gadget Guy was able to slip over next to Bumblebee.

Finally it was time. The first half of the Apostles went up in pairs. One Apostle snuck out of order to make sure Bumblebee would later pair up with Gadget Guy. Feet were washed, Bumblebee watched.

The second half of the Apostles went up in pairs. Bumblebee and Gadget Guy were the first pair; Gadget Guy was seated right next to Bumblebee.

And then the miracle happened.
Bumblebee was just a regular Apostle who got his feet washed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got the results of Pink Ballerina’s most recent lab tests…m

The nurse reports that everything looks normal, throat culture was negative for Strep and Pink Ballerina seems to be recovering well from the Epstein-Barr virus.

Me: Epstein-Barr? You mean she had mono? When did she have mono?

Nurse: Sometime after the October 11, 2011 tests and before this round of tests. There's no treatment other than rest. The mono can still make her feel tired and it can reactivate when she gets run down.

Me: OK, then, good to know.

So on top of everything else, Pink Ballerina had mono along the way. Maybe when her friend had mono? We’ll never know if one infected the other, or if both got it from another child. It doesn’t really matter.

And how did we miss mono? I guess it was just mixed in with all those dizzy and tired spells. We know that the Norovirus recently went through our school, and that may be what sent us to the doctor’s office last week.

Never a dull moment.

Love, the Mominator